5 Snow day reading strategies

This post is based on one I read this morning on the Book Riot website – 10 Snow Day reading strategies. I used it as inspiration to write my own suggestions for some snow day reading…

      1. Snuggle somewhere warm and cozy. Stay in bed and read or claim the couch and stretch out under warm blankets with a hot chocolate and read.
      2. Try reading books you find in the house. If you have read all the books you have chosen scout around and see what the rest of the family has on their book shelves. You might find a real treasure.
      3. Try a Tumblebook. These are for all ages. Tumblebook library has boosk that can be read to you as you follow (Username: istanbul   Password: books) and Tumblebook Cloud has books for older students (Username: istanbul  Password: login) including graphic novels. Tumblebooks also has books in French and Spanish languages.
      4. Watch a book trailer – or two – or three. Many publishing companies have dedicated YouTube channels so they can show book trailers for new titles.  Penguin Teen channel and   Random House’s book channel are good examples. Below is an example – do you think we should get this book?
      5. Keep track of the books you read. Go to Destiny and login and add books to your shelves, Have read, Reading Now or Want to Read. If you are in secondary school you could create your own Good Reads account. Make sure you have your friends and teachers as your friends (your librarian can make a good friend on these sites as well)

Have fun reading on your snow days. 

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