Message from Donna Jo Napoli and some excerpts from her Key note address

Message from Donna Jo Napoli and some excerpts from her Key note address

We want to share some of the gems that Donna Jo Napoli gave our school community. We have three clips from her key note address given on the 9 March on the topic of fairy tales as an inspiration for her writing. Below is her reflection about her visit in our school. Having an author visit has many positive outcomes – here is a prezzie by teacher librarian Dianne McKenzie and an article showing survey results from the Society of Authors about the value of these visits.

“From the tiniest folk through the high school, I found the students at IICS lively and responsive. They are always ready to consider others’ ideas and to discuss their own, and in an atmosphere of complete respect. That feeling permeates the school. The teachers are inviting and encouraging, both to visitors (like me) and to the students. There is nothing better than seeing a smiling, nodding face when I am facing a group of people I don’t know and presenting ideas that might be controversial — and at IICS there were many such faces.

We did writing workshops and the students happily consulted with each other, gave feed back to each other, and raced along on their own creations. Perhaps the highlight of my visit (or, really, one of so many) was the writers’ cafe on the last day. Students shared original work that simply made me dizzy with admiration. But what I loved most was how very kind they were to each other’s offerings. Sharing your poetry or stories is an intimate event, really — and they did it forthrightly, knowing they could trust each other. It was beautiful. I’m so very grateful I had the privilege of visiting IICS.” – Donna Jo Napoli, March 2015


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