Grade 1 overcoming challenges inquiry

Grade 1 is investigating challenges and how we overcome them. In the library yesterday at Hisar Mrs Paze and I read the book “Hands and Hearts” by Donna Jo Napoli. Donna Jo will be with our school in March as our first ever writer in residence. Hands and Hearts is about a mother and daughter’s day at the beach. Together the play and talk – only they use sign language to talk. Donna Jo has included 15 signs in her book and yesterday we tried to learn some of the signs. We also tried to find the sign for “read”. Here is a link to the American Sign Language website to find the sign for “read”

The students loved learning sign language and discussed how people who are born deaf might learn how to talk using sign language. Below are some photos of one of our students who joined us after the story had been read – he is reading it himself and trying out the signs.


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