Stories in your own language…

Yesterday at Marmara Campus and this morning at Hisar Campus all the primary students had the fun of going to hear stories read to them in their home languages. At Marmara the students were read to by older students in grades 5 – 9 and at Hisar the students we read to by parents and teachers. When we didn’t have the books in the right language we went online to the International Children’s Digital Library – this is a great website for books in many languages

We saw students enjoying being with other students who shared their language. We saw students enjoying stories, asking questions and chatting about the stories in their own languages.

Researcher Stephen Krashen has found that

  • Developing literacy in first language key to developing literacy in new language
  • When teachers read aloud and discuss stories with students, students read more
  • Students who are read aloud to check out more library books
  • Hearing stories and discussing them encourages independent reading
  • Hearing stories has a direct impact on vocabulary development

Krashen, Stephen D. The Power of Reading: Insights from the Research. Westport, CT: Libraries Unlimited, 2004

All good reasons to run these wonderful sessions with our students, teachers and parents AND they are fun too.


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