Library report for October – Calling Portugal

Library report October 2014

LIBRARY LOGO-01Library Logo Thanks to Sezai and Jennifer we have this great logo. I love the combination of the pages and the laptop. You can see we are working in with the school’s corporate colours. We hope to build on this over the next few months with library documents, presentations and eventually our signs in these colours and with this logo. Creating a library brand is one of the takeaways I got from the pre conference day at the ECIS librarians conference.

Hisar Library Loft – the castle has arrived. This has been the source of much excitement at HIsar. Thanks to Lindsey and Judith for organising ways to allow children to happily take turns reading in the loft and under the loft. Inge and the children created this wonderful backdrop for the castle as well. There are blinds up at the windows now as well.

Grade 4 Skype Book Chats with grade 4 Porto, Portugal. Two weeks ago 4H skyped with CLIP 4A to discuss the books they were enjoying reading. One wonderful outcome of this discussion was to see the number of books the children had in common. Roald Dahl has fans in both schools and the children enjoyed knowing each other’s books. We had a lovely bonus experience when Mohammad from Portugal told us he was from Libya. Murad from our 4H was delighted to hear that and at the end of the book chat the two boys had a few minutes to chat in Arabic to each other. It was a great way to make connections through story and common language. Here is the library blog post about the skype calls. 4Ds session did not run as smoothly so we recorded messages on Skype and when Portugal was finally able to answer our call they were able to discuss their books as well. We hope to make contact with the smae sudents at the end of the year to reflect on the year of reading books.

Helping your child with research was the topic of a seminar I ran during primary parent teacher conferences at Marmara. While only 5 parents actually attended it was a good opportunity to create a presentation and share with them about the electronic and print resources available to their children.

Choosing a “right fit” book with grade 1 We had a special guest speak with grade 1 at Marmara about how to choose a right fit book. Ms Witte brought her shoes along and she explained about choosing the right shoe and how choosing the right book can be very similar. Mrs Hodges is now working with both grade 1 classes encouraging them to choose a “right fit” book.


EY5 at Marmara published their book about visiting the library. It is now part of their class library and available from our library as well.

Grade 8 Mysteries Unit led to the body in the library, the book shelf features mystery books and after this unit will feature favourite reads of this grade. 20141030_120104

Challenges and Opportunities
Yes I have decided to combine these categories as often they seem to be one and the same – all challenges seem to also present us with opportunities and opportunities often come with challenges.

International Languages Storytelling days will happen just before International Day. This will be during assembly slots for Primary – Thursday 27th 9.15 – 10 at Marmara and Friday 28th 8.45 – 9.30 at HIsar. Organisation for this will start next week. I hope we can involve students at Marmara this year and continue with our parent support at Hisar.

Battle of the Books is a programme offered in some schools in the USA and in other International Schools which encourages reading. I went to workshop on this at the ECIS conference. Lauren and Dave and I thought we would run a mini Battle or Skirmish of the Books from December culminating during Love Reading Week. We will choose 5 titles for grades 5 -6 and 5 titles for Middle School. We will use Greenhouse Book sales money to buy copies of the titles (2 copies of each title per class involved) and 2 copies of each title for the library. Then the students read the books and start to make up quiz questions based on the books they have read. The final quiz will be during Love Reading Week and classes can enter two teams each. This will be a trial run of the process which if it works well we can make bigger and better next year. This is still being worked out between us – I will keep you posted.

Library quote: relating to Challenges and Opportunities – “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”
― Winston S. Churchill

Amanda Bond
Teacher Librarian

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