Talking books with grade 4 students from Porto, Portugal

Last week our grade 4H class met with Grade 4A students attending CLIP – Colégio Luso-Internacional do Porto in Portugal using Skype. The students in each class talked about one of their favourite books and why it was a favourite. Our students were pleased to find out that they knew many of the books their new friends in Portugal spake about. Roald Dahl was the author of many of the books, with Matilda, Esio Trot and the Twits being discussed. This book chat was organised through the International School Library Month activities of IASL (International Association of School Libraries). This was a very positive experience promoting reading and libraries in both our schools. This kind of Interntional exchange allows our students to see that they have many things in common (enjoying the same books) with other students around the world and that they have something valuable to contribute to other students (offering new titles for them to explore).  It also adds to the goal of creating international mindedness in our library – we do this with our collection and now we can do this with book chats with students in other countries too. Thanks to the librarians and grade 4 teachers at CLIP and IASL. Grade 4D will have their book chat with a grade 4 class at CLIP next week. 

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