Library report – August 2014

Library report – August 2014

Successes: Hisar library 

Before and After at Hisar Library

Before and After at Hisar Library

Here are some before and after photos (before on the left and after on the right). I will be adding more photos to the next report (and possibly every report this year).


THANK YOU to Judith, Jane and Coskun for all their time, ideas and attention to detail. To have library shelves that all look the same is such an improvement already.


THANK YOU to Lindsey, Arin and Ozlem for coming back to work a day early to take all the books out of the boxes and put them on the shelves. It will make a huge difference to the students and staff at Hisar that the books are arranged in similar areas. Last year the chapter books were in three different locations around the tiny library. Also a big thank you to the maintenance team at HIsar for taking such good care of the boxes of books over the break.


While I was at Hisar last week I asked some of our students who had been at the school last year if we had more books or fewer books in the library. They confidently answered – more books.


Finally a heartfelt THANKS to Lindsey who is working out how to run classes in the new library while it is still a work in progress. There are still some things to add, change, develop.

Welcome to Maria Hodges

Mrs Hodges enjoying a book with a student

Mrs Hodges enjoying a book with a student

Maria joins us from Shanghai, China. She was teaching at the British School there. Serife has moved on to teach in the Diploma Programme so we needed someone to teach the EY3 – grade 3 literacy support classes. Fortunately while Maria was here in March on a school visit with her son Isak (who is in grade 10 this year) she told Jane of her interest in children’s literature and being a school librarian. We are so pleased to welcome Maria to our team.



Hisar library still a work in progress As with any huge change there are adjustments to be made. Lindsey is currently working without the projector and screen, a dedicated catalogue computer and laptops for student use. Lindsey has summarised the situation with a poster where the proposed new loft will be – “Watch this space…”



Alec Williams – storyteller at Hisar Thursday 25th September.  Alec has been a guest in our school a couple of times over the past few years. He is an accomplished storyteller and this will be a great treat for the staff and students at Hisar. Last year Alec did a guest skype interview with Michelle Dirlek’s class when they were inquiring into stories.

Lots of new books coming your way All the books which arrived in our shipment have been unpacked, checked against invoices and put in the back room ready for processing. Ozlem processes and catalogues 10 – 20 new books each week. This year she is emailing teachers to let them know of books they may be interested in – film studies, economics, guidance – as we think of the area of interest and staff members involved we email them. Obviously this cannot be done with every book but it is a good start.


FInal thought inspired by the new library shelving at Hisar


Th’ first thing to have in a libry is a shelf. Fr’m time to time this can be decorated with lithrachure. But th’ shelf is th’ main thing.

“Books”. Mr Dooley Says.

Finley Peter DUNNE (1867-1936)


Amanda Bond

Teacher Librarian

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