Ask an expert – storyteller Alec Williams

Last week Ms Dirlik’s Prep Class (5 year olds) interviewed a storyteller, Alec Williams  to ask him some questions for their inquiry into stories. Mr Williams was in England and we were in Turkey so we used Skype. The first question Mr Williams was asked was,”Do stories need a title?” Being a storyteller Mr Williams told a story to answer the question. Over the 30 minute interview Mr Williams used stories and books to answer all the questions. At the end we had enough time for Mr Williams to tell the story “How dog and man became friends.” It had actions and five parts. At the end Mr Williams asked the Prep students to try to tell the story to someone else that afternoon – to their family or friends. One of his beliefs is that everyone enjoys hearing stories and everyone can tell stories. The video below shows Alec speaking about stories and reading. We want to thank Mr Williams for helping Prep answer all their questions. They not only learned about stories but also that many times an expert is the greatest source for information in an inquiry. To book Alec you can email him directly at

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