Library report April – evidence of value

Library report April 2014

Reference interviews with grade 6 Exhibition have been completed. I analysed some of the information we gathered through the interviews with particular interest in the sources the students were using. I shared the analysis with the grade 6 teachers and Simon. It includes a graph and details about numbers and specific data. For this report I will include my conclusions about the resources being utilised. I was pleased at the number of library books the students were finding considering the range of topics being researched. Destiny webpath was also providing useful websites at appropriate grade level for reading. EBSCO was very useful as the table below shows. It may be a good idea to introduce the use of this tool earlier in the year or even with grade 5. Guided web searches were useful looking at particular associations and organisations. I have developed a livebinder for our students and have it as a tab in the library webpage
I have a tab for Exhibition and have kept only most useful websites for the topics being studied. This will be helpful for next year. Many students saw the value of interviews and were seeking information from people. There will be need to for students to develop skills in interview situations throughout the year.

The livebinders collection of websites was begun in March and I hope to develop it as I find useful websites for the whole school and the subject areas taught. I am sharing the websites with the teachers as I find them too. It is the first time I have used this curation tool and I am finding it very useful.

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 12.46.31 PM

Livebinders for IICS library


Grade 11 reference interviews continue. I will analyse these once they have been concluded at the end of May.

Book shopping at Pandora: On Tuesday 8 April, Lindsey and I went to Pandora Bookshop to select some Turkish language books for MYP/Dp nonfiction collection. Over the past year we have been meeting with the Pandora rep, Merthan Ergene, to get advice as to how to develop the nonfiction collection in Turkish language. We selected books to support Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Environmental Sciences and more.

This Friday our school will host the LTEN conference in the library. We will be moving the MYP/DP nonfiction shelves in order to make room. Thank you in advance to Ozlem who will be over seeing this with Cemil’s team and doing a lot of the hard work with Serife and me helping. It will be great to see how we can use the library space if we had mobile shelving here. I believe libraries of the future need to be flexible learning spaces.


This is a good time to revise the procedures manual and make sure we have our policies and procedures clearly articulated. In the month of May one of the library goals is to seek community feedback on the services and resources in our libraries. I am sure the data we collect during this feedback round will be very helpful.

Greenhouse Bookshop will be holding Book Fairs at Marmara and Hisar Campuses during the student led conferences. We get to spend 10% of the total takings on books from the fair for the library.

The library quote this month is chosen because we are exhausted from moving all the MYP/DP nonfiction books: A great book should leave you with many experiences, and slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading.
–William Styron

Amanda Bond
Teacher Librarian
April 2014

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