Library report March – individual interviews

Library report March 2014


Reference interviews with grade 6 and grade 11: Both grades are working on significant personal research for Exhibition and Extended Essay. Both grades have had workshops to cover general tips on research process, forming research questions and tools throughout the last 6 weeks. The last workshops for grade 11 will be held at the end of this week. These workshops are helpful but do not address the information needs of each person. Last week and through the next two weeks individual students book appointments (20 – 30 minutes each) to discuss their individual topics and explore specific books, websites, databases and now ebooks to meet their needs. The majority of these appointments are with me though Serife has asked to learn how to conduct these interviews and has a few with grade 6. I am keeping records of our meeting to note which information sources have been most helpful.


Ebrary online and in use.

Ebrary - our home screen

Ebrary – our home screen


During March we added more than 500,000 ebooks to our collection through ebrary. This ebook library is suitable for the senior school, grades 10 – 12 and offers ebooks in a wide range of disciplines. Already the students I have been working with on Extended Essay reference interviews have found very useful and subject specific information. At school we do not need username or password to access the library. We have usernames and passwords for all staff and students in grades 10 – 12 so they can access the library from home. This library is expensive but so far has been very useful. I will be carefully monitoring our use of ebrary as well as reporting back on the research I am conducting during the reference interviews.



It is very tempting to simply repeat all of the information above. While reference interviews are very valuable for our students they are also very time consuming. New resources such as eBrary are fantastic yet the challenge is how to inspire people to make the most of them. Marketing our wonderful e-resources could be part of the library plan for next year.



Thank you to Jane, Angela and Judith for our meetings to reflect on Love Reading week. As a result of these meetings I have made contact with the writer Donna Jo Napoli who has expressed great interest in visiting our school to be a writer in residence for one week next Spring (2015). Part of the appeal for us is that Donna Jo writes for all age groups and has experience running workshops for students and adults. I see that the calendar for next year is on the wall already. I will work with Jane to explore how we can make Donna Jo’s visit a reality. Love reading week may well become many events throughout the year next year to celebrate libraries, reading and writing.


Mobile shelving at Hisar

Walking library

Walking library

This is NOT what I mean by mobile shelving (Vsw: The walking library). Thanks to Coskun we have some interesting quotes for shelving on wheels. Of course this is an important space for the Hisar campus and mobile library shelving would not only increase the opportunities for different ways to use the space but it will bring the books out from under the loft and make them much more accessible to our students and staff. Thanks for the opportunity to explore ways to make the library at Hisar a much more flexible learning space.


Library thought in honour of powerful new resources

“I have an unshaken conviction that democracy can never be undermined if we maintain our library resources and a national intelligence capable of utilizing them.” Franklin D. Roosevelt

Amanda Bond

Teacher Librarian

March 2014

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