Grade 2 – I see, I think, I wonder….

mosaic1e7719d2851d10553c6744f4f5ec284755d9bd3eGrade 2 is exploring Communication Systems during their Unit of Inquiry.


As part of their work in the library we invited them to look carefully at some images.


These images were uploaded from the Internet and even though they looked very strange, like a box, a flower vase, a musical instrument – they were all early versions of the telephone.


We invited the students to look carefully at the image and simply record what they saw. A cord, a box, wood, metal, buttons, numbers.


Then we asked them to record what they thought the image was.


“I think it’s a machine.”


“I think this is a camera.”


“I think you can open it.”


“I think the man is in a movie.”


Finally we asked them to create some questions they were wondering about.


“What is he doing?”


“I wonder how does it work?”


“Why is the machine near his mouth?”


“Does it go around?”


After they shared with the class their photos and their ideas we gave them the telephone timeline to see when their telephone was first made.


They were surprised that some of these strange machines were early telephones.


After doing this with grade 2 at Hisar one of the students looked at the phone in the library and realized it was first made in 1965.


This thinking routine was a great way to introduce the history of the telephone.


Photos here are of grade 2BC as they complete the activity.

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