Love Reading Week is coming – and so is author Ree Gillett

Love Reading Week will be held 11 – 15th February. We are very fortunate to have writer Ree Gillett come to our school. She will be with Marmara Students (PS to grade 4) on Monday 11th February and with Hisar students on Tuesday 12th February. Ree writes the Ferndale Tales with characters Freddy Frog, Hailey Hedgehog, Chester Chipmunk, Michael Mole and three little mice who live deep in a wood (forest). Ree will be bringing Freddy Frog with her and reading from her book Freddy Frog and the lost kite. She is writing a new book in this series and will speak to our students about this too.

Our students can purchase a copy of Ree’s book Freddy Frog and the lost kite just bring 10 Euro or 24 TL to the library before Tuesday 5 February.

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