Grade 6 Up to date information

Like all ‘scarce’ resources sometimes people have to dig deeper or go further to find good quality materials for their projects and products. In research you should do the same.

To find up to date resources on Destiny you just need to use the “Narrow Search” menu.

This “Narrow Search” menu is available for library resources, use “Date of publication”  and the web sites tab, use “Grade level”.

When you exit Quest on Destiny you can go to the “Home” tab. There are great links on this page to Encyclopedia Britannica online and EBSCO electronic journals and newspapers. When you use EBSCO try the Primary and Middle Search via Searchasaurus database. This has articles from magazine and newspapers you can use. 

When you have searched the database you can ask for the results to be sorted by “Date descending” and then the results will come up with the most recent articles first.

Another useful EBSCO database is the ELL English Language Learner which give articles in English and will translate them to other languages. 

Try using search engines OTHER than a straight Google search. 2lingual allows you to search in two languages at once. 

Teoma gives ideas for related searches on the right had side of the results page.

Keep track of ALL the resources you use for your Bibliography. Happy searching.

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