Grade 9 Science

START with your library everytime you have a research assignment. Log into DESTINY and check print, DVD and website resources. Use our online databases – EBSCO and Encyclopedia Britannica online. The librarians can help you with the passwords.

  Internet Detective is a great tutorial for learning how to wise up to the web. Take some time and go through               the excellent tips it has.

Remember the WWW of checking sources on the Internet WHO, WHAT, WHEN? 

  If in doubt you can check information using Snopes and Scambusters Remember if in doubt – do not use the website.


For our work today please assess these websites using the criteria sheet Mrs Bond gives you

Frequently Asked Questions About Dihydrogen Monoxide

What are polymers?

Addition polymers


Ensure you keep good records of the sources you use. EasyBib is a useful online bibliography creator. For intext citations the Purdue Guide is very good.





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