Grade 10 Physics

Once you have chosen your area of interest try doing some searches using key words. You will need to know some of the laws of physics which relate to your area of interest.

Car safety physics – some useful sites – word of caution some sites found in a Google Search were created by high school students like yourselves. To check on the validity of a website you are using you can use the QUICK model.

The Physics of Car Safety gives four main areas of information: crumple zone, air bags, seat belts and tyres. Useful terms and a glossary for further key word searches

Georgia State University Hyper Physics site looks at seat belts

Physics classroom site has the three laws of Newton

You tube has some interesting videos – try searching Newton’s laws.

For statistics and comparative information see nation master which allows you to collect and compare statistics or Google Public Data which uses information from the World Bank statistics.

Don’t forget to document your resources. Set up a new project on easybib

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