Grade 8 Humanities Innovations Assignment

In our library sessions we covered many strategies and tools for success


1. FINDS research process. Mr Johnson will post this on Managebac for you. Check off the steps as you feel you have completed them. Remember once you have finished this assignment you will be asked to evaluate this process.


2. Encyclopedia articles – help give you an overview of your topic and to find key words and key questions. Britannica online is great becasue it is differentiated – the password information is in your student planner.


3. Destiny – our library catalogue system is very useful. Make sure you can login – Mrs Bond, Mrs Lumsden and Miss Pla can help you with pasword information. Use the resource lists to collate the books and websites you use. The citation button will give correct MLA citation.


4. Use websites other than google Teoma gives you alternative search strings and willhelp deepen your informaiton search. 2lingual will let you search in 2 languages simultaneously. Quintura shows clusters of keywords. Take the challenge and use a  search engine other than Google.


5. Remember to use the note taking sheets to help collect information and record it in your own words.


6. The citation centre in the library has guides on how to create a correct MLA Works Cited document.


Mrs Bond is available at morning break and secondary lunchtime to help anyone at any stage of their research assignment. Get started NOW.

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